💰 Own a piece of Blossom!

The Blossom Community Investment Round is officially open...

💰 Become a Blossom Shareholder!

💰 To date, we’ve raised $2.5M from some amazing VC backers, like Goodwater, LOI Venture, and Pareto Holdings, alongside angel investors from Google and McKinsey & Company...

😥 But it didn't feel right that our community - whose unwavering support is the reason for all our success - weren't able to invest in the platform they love.

👏 Generally, with private companies, you can only invest if you're an accredited investor with over $200K in annual income or over $1M in assets… but I'm proud to announce we've partnered with FrontFundr to make it possible for our members to become shareholders in Blossom for as little as $500!

🌱 Many of you have been with us since the very beginning. You’ve seen the app evolve from our scrappy first beta to where it is today. You’ve seen the community grow from a few thousand to over 100,000. And most importantly, you’ve seen how dedicated the Blossom team is to building the ultimate app and community for investors ❤️

💌 So consider this your invitation to join us in the exciting journey ahead and become a part-owner in the Blossom vision!

🥰 And whether you choose to invest or not, I want to give a heartfelt thanks to this incredible community for all your support. I appreciate you all so much. 🥹

-Max (CEO of Blossom) & the Blossom Team

Note unfortunately this opportunity is only available for our Canadian members. If you are from the US and interested in investing, join the waitlist here.